Blythe exchange to Obitsu 23cm SBH Body




1) Choose a Obitsu body in Natural or White skin color to match your Blythe.




2) 23cm Obitsu body have a similar height to Blythe's original body.

選擇了23cm 的 Obitsu SBH 身, 和原本的身高差不多


3) Unscrew the screws at the back of Blythe's head



 4) Totally 3 screws to unscrew



5) Open Blythe's head carefully




6) Take out Blythe's original body from her head.




7) For the Obitsu body, change to the largest neck attachment.

在Obitsu身體, 選擇最大的頸圈


8) Unscrew the screw located at the top of the neck attachment.



9) Change to the largest neck attachment and screw.

 換上最大那個上頸圈後, 再把嫘絲上緊



10) There is a little loose when placing the Obitsu body on Blythe's head.



11) Wrap some rubber band on the neck attachment.




12) Place the Obitsu body onto Blythe's head.

 放身體上B女頭蓋, 再較好



13) Close Blythe's head and screw tightly.

把B女頭合上, 把嫘絲上緊



14) Finished ! Blythe now has a new body.

 完成了 ! B女已換上新的身體


15) Hello, I can make many pose now!




16) And I can sit like this !

又可以小烏坐 !