Hujoo Dolls from Korea




Hujoo Dolls from Korea, you can customize your own doll by makeup, choosing eyes, wigs and outfits to them !

Made of : ABS Size

Height : Hujoo (Girls) - 24cm, Wings (Boys) - 26cm

Skin Color : White and Normal

Makeup : Just like BJD, use acrylic paint and pastel.

Eyes : With Open Eye Type and Closed Eye type, Use 20mm eyeballs.

Wig : 7-8 inch (MSD size)

 Outfit : Blythe Size

Shoes : 4.5cm


White and Normal Skin :


Open Eyes and Closed Eyes, Hujoo and Wings :


The whole body is pulled by elastic bands just like BJD:


The skull can be opened for changing eye balls:





 Hujoo body compared with Azone Pure Neemo and Blythe body :