Hujoo exchange to Obitsu 27cm body




  White skin Obitsu body is most matched with Hujoo's Apricot skin body. We have chosen a SBH L for Hujoo.

美白Obitsu身, 和Hujoo Apricot的膚色差不多. 這次我們選了SBH大胸.


 1) Open the back of Hujoo's head, loose the rubber bands and take the head out.

把Hujoo的頭蓋打開,橡皮筋鬆開, 把頭拿出來





2) For Obitsu body, Turn around the neck attachment, and it will comes out from the screw.




3) Place Hujoo's head onto Obitsu body.



4) Turn around the neck attachment into the screw.




5) Turn around the neck attachment until the head stays good on the body. Then cover the back head.

把頸圈扭至適中的緊度, 把Hujoo的頭蓋合上.



 9) Finished ! Hujoo now has a new Obitsu body.

完成了 ! Hujoo已換上Obitsu的身體